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The Art Of Waiting

11530584604_8f560e03f5_mOr why writing is as much about waiting as it is about writing.

It seems like everyone is using this time between Christmas and New Year to review the past year and make predictions/set some goals for next year.  I did the same thing at the beginning of this year:

The only thing I can say is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A few years ago, before I was published, I attended a program mentored by Graeme Lay.  He told an anecdote about flying into the country and having to fill out the arrival card.  On it he wrote ‘writer’ and for some reason passport control read it as ‘waiter’ and Graeme thought at the time how true that was for as a writer he was always waiting, waiting for that next contract, that next commission, that next royalty cheque…waiting…waiting…waiting.

Jump forward a few years and whether you are traditionally published or self-published, it is still a waiting game, waiting for the next big thing, the next promotional gimmick that will get you discovered, bring in the million dollar contract and the film option…

The thing is, no matter what the pundits are saying about ebooks and self-publishing, the best time to do something is now. I learnt that this year.  I started off with a hiss and roar by publishing  my  YA books, What Love Is in March.  Then nothing.  There was a reason for this.  I got an agent and that agent pitched my series of junior thrillers to US publishers.  I got excited. I waited…and waited…and waited.  There were a few nibbles but nothing certain. I’m still waiting.

This is no reflection on the agent who believes in the books as much as I do but it is just a statement of where the publishing industry is right now.  So, with the agent’s blessing, I have taken the plunge and decided to publish them myself and will release the first three early next year.

This is the essence of self-publishing. You don’t have to wait any more.  Of course, you do have to wait for the copy editor to do a full edit and you do have to wait for the cover designer to finalize the cover but that’s about it.  The rest you can control and determine the release of your novel and the launch/marketing strategies that go with it.

No more waiting.

So my advice for 2015 – be a writer, not a waiter!


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